Use the download button in the Online Store to download the latest USBVision For Mac OS X software.

Please refer to the trouble-shooting guide in the readme before contacting tech support. Answers to many common problems can be found there.

Technical support for USBVision For Mac OS X is available at:

Bug reports are appreciated and should also be sent to the support address. Bug reports submitted to public forums may or may not be seen by our staff, so be sure to send them to EchoFX as well.

Note that EchoFX cannot provide support for Mac OS 9 software.

Customers who have InterView 2.1 and higher devices can still use the original InterView For Mac OS X software. Download the InterView For Mac OS X software version 2.2.5.


Given the entirely electronic nature of EchoFX software sales, physical returns are not possible. However, EchoFX wishes to see every customer satisfied with their purchase and will, at EchoFX's sole discretion, issue a full refund to any customer not satisfied with their purchase within 60 days of the purchase date.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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